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Mini Rodini Fleece Jacket Beige

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Mini Rodini  Fleece  Jacket Beige

• Zipper in the front
• Two pockets in the front
• Panther label
• Elastic sleeves and hem
• 100 % recycled polyester
• Made in China
• SKU 2071010213

Recycled polyester is made from used plastic bottles and regenerated polyester fabrics in an energy-efficient way. It delivers the same quality as virgin yarn and helps reduce the use of oil-based raw materials.

Mini Rodini has chosen to include fleece products made of 100 % recycled polyester in their range of products since the material is appreciated, practical and easy to take care of. By using 100 % recycled polyester there is no need to create any new materials from scratch. However, when you wash synthetic fleece, made from recycled materials or not, tiny microplastics are released that might be transferred into nature. Their advice is to wash fleece sparingly, or even better – not at all. Air dry your garment and remove smaller stains with a moist cloth. If the whole garment needs to be washed, follow the care label instructions and remember to:

• Iron the garment – ironing lays the fleece fibers down flat which lessens the release of microplastics
• Clean the washing machine filter regularly
• Hang dry instead of tumble dry


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